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WOP!WEB portal provides plugins for building web sites.
The services are characterized by their technology choices, hard to find nowadays, allowing everyone to give life to his website. Try them!

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General operation

Characteristics and general requirement

WOP!WEB provides services and tools for transforming a "static" web site into a "live" web site, where visitors can interact with the webmaster or among themselves.

Therefore, in order to use WOP!WEB services it is necessary to possess a web site. Note: on internet you can find hundreds of personal web sites providers, free also.

How to use the services

WOP!WEB services act directly on the pages of your web site. In order to install the services, you have to copy and paste a portion of HTML code, provided by WOP!WEB, directly inside the page of your web site, in the position where you want the service to appear. The HTML code is given entering the own personal area on WOP!WEB, as soon as you've configured and activated the service itself.

If the type of web site you own does not allow you to insert HTML code (including "<SCRIPT>" tags) but just text, then you cannot have use our services.

However, many of our services allow to choose between a full integration with the page of your web site or a simple hypertextyal link (<A HREF="...">) to the service itself entirely managed by WOP!WEB.

WOP!WEB accounts

Whenever a service is activated for the first time, an account is automatically created, identified by the username and the password choosen by the user. With the same account it is subsequently possible to activate other services, whose administration panels will all be available as soon as the user acceses his personal area on the WOP!WEB portal.

Every user can freely delete any single service among those previously activated (by going to the related configuration page) or delete the entire account and the related services (by going to the "Personal data" page): in the latter case, WOP!WEB deletes all the information related to the deleted account. Give a look at the terms of use in order to deepen how WOP!WEB deals with user's personal information.

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